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Homesimsgame Red Falls | Red Falls Latest Apk 18+

[Download] Red Falls [Episode 6] [APK] | Red Falls Latest Apk 18+

Here you can download Red Falls [Episode 6] [APK] | Red Falls Latest Apk 18+.

Red Falls APK for Android is an erotic graphic adventure resembling classic titles of this genre with a slightly manga aesthetic.

Red Falls [Episode 6] [xRed Games]

You are an undergrad frantically enamored with your girlfriend, yet rather than enjoying summer with her, you get a surprising call. Following day you’re on transport going to work in young men instructive and rowdiness camp, however shockingly it’s not young men camp any longer.

Version info Red Falls [Episode 6] [xRed Games]

App GamesRed Falls
Version[Ep 6]
Size454 MB
DeveloperxRed Games
UpdatedMay 25, 2022
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+

Red Falls Changelog

v0.6.1 fix:
– fixed an issue with not returning to the same location after entering game menu screen or opening diary
– fixed an issue with replay gallery not working properly
– added transparent text box which can be turned on and off in the Options menu
– added and option where you can change your text size
– added Quit button to the main menu
– added an option to enter “Patreon key” screen from the game by pressing on the x-ray Patreon exclusive button
– reduced overal size of the file by adjusting some of the assets, without any loss to the quality
– many other small improvements

v0.6 4k
Red Falls Renamed, Helping The Hotties.

Episode 6

Episode 5
The new episode features more than 1422 new renders, 81 new animations inside the story, and more than 300 renders in the gallery, Blinks, Angles and X-Ray images!

Red Falls Episode 4 is finally out! 1110 new renders, 29 new animations inside the story and more than 300 gallery, angles and x-ray images! Also new is:

Replay for Patrons: Login with your Patreon account inside the game to get access to Replay option. You can access the hottest scenes inside the game even if you didn’t made a save.
Angle and X-ray buttons: Will be only available to $10 Patrons (in testing phase)
Episode 4 includes:

  • 1110 New Story renders
  • 29 Animations
  • Bonus content:
  • 39 angle images
  • 19 x-ray images
  • 40 gallery images
  • 190 blink images
  • Red Falls Episode 2 is out and its hot if I may say so! This is my biggest update to date with 1379 renders in total! I’ve also added new mechanics into the game:
  • X-Ray: When you see the “x-ray” button in the upper left corner, click on it and… well enjoy 🙂
  • Angle button: On some images you will see two arrows click on them to change the angle of the image. (Sometimes a bit more than just an angle…)
  • Episode 2 also includes:
  • 1082 New Renders
  • 12 Animations
  • Image rotation
  • Bonus content:
  • 128 angle images
  • 123 x-ray images
  • Red Falls Episode 1.
  • -more than a 1000 new renders
  • -more than 50
  • -new animationsnew game

Download Red Falls [Episode 6] APK For Android

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FAQ Red Falls [Episode 6] APK For Android

  1. How to download Red Falls [Episode 6] APK For Android?

    You can download Red Falls [Episode 6] APK For Android from androthegamer.com

  2. Red Falls [Episode 6] APK For Android is free?

    Yes it is free

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