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In a world born of chaos, the old divine beings isolated their offspring in order to keep away from a prophetically catastrophic clash. They made three unmistakable, fleeting aspects for every one of their particular kids, entrusting the significant assignment of their youngsters’ endurance to one being: the Champion.
For ages, this Champion has watched over the three aspects. However, presently, the Champion has evaporated suddenly.

Download Champion of Realms

The Protagonist, in spite of his earnest attempts, is compelled to partake in a lethal rivalry to choose the future Champion… and the destinies of all. Will he get by? Or then again will he be squashed under the heaviness of destiny?
Luckily, he will not be separated from everyone else in this frightening experience. A few reliable and observably lovely partners will fashion this way next to him. Together, unquestionably they can outperform the hardest difficulties, and experience the most delicious of delights.

Secret Codes of Champion of Realms: Crab, Moto, Dance

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