Tamilrockers New Link – Tamilrockers Website to Download Latest Movies in 2020

Tamilrockers New Link – Tamilrockers Website to Download Latest Movies in 2020

Tamilrockers is the best website to download the latest online movies and web series. Here we have the latest 100% working Tamilrockers New Link to download movies. The links are regularly updated.

 TamilRokers new link : If you are looking for ways to access TamilRokers website to download and watch latest movies, then you are at right place.
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The Tamilrokers website is regularly blocked by ISP providers and the reason is that Tamilrockers teams keep updating TamilTrackers domain names.  So to access TamilRockers website it is necessary that you know about the new link to TamilRockers.

It is always difficult to find the latest TamilRockers link on the Internet.  Therefore, to make your job easier, we are regularly updating the TamilRokers URL in this article.

  By the way, it is not always necessary that the TamilRockers new link will work.  Because whenever the latest TamilRockers website is popular it is blocked by ISP providers.  However, the website is still accessible with the help of VPN or TamilRockers proxy sites.

Just to make sure that you should not miss any method to access TamilRockers website, we are covering all the procedures so that we can reach TamilRockers link

  TamilRockers website is one of the top website for downloading latest Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films and web series.


But being a piracy website, TamilRockers  latest domain names are regularly blocked by ISP providers.  To deal with website owners, regularly migrate the website to other TamilRockers new links.

  If the report is to be believed, the TamilRockers had been missing for some time due to its validity issue.  Before giving more information about TamilRockers, keep one thing in mind that this is an illegal or kind or torrent website, which has been banned by the Indian government.
Here are the pre-hosted TamilRockers website links.  Most links are restricted by ISP providers and that is why we regularly update TamilRockers Link New Link to access the TamilRockers website.

Tamilrockers URL

Contents hide
It is a fact that TamilRockers URLs are being routinely blocked by ISP providers.  It has become important for SO that website owners continue to host the Tamilrockers website for a new URL after being blocked by ISPs in the past.  Below is a list of TamilRockers URLs that were used before and once activated.  But now all of them have been blocked by the ISP.

  1. Tamilrockers.ws (Working)
  2. tamilrockers.com
  3. tamilrockers.net
  4. tamilrockers.ac
  5. tamilrockers.is
  6. tamilrockers.tw
  7. tamilrockers.all
  8. tamilrockers.wp
  9. tamilrockers.re
  10. tamilrockers.km
  11. tamilrockerrs.bz
  12. tamilrockers.tr
  13. tamilrockers.today
  14. tamilrockers.gr
  15. tamilrockers.li
  16. tamilrockers.nz
  17. tamilrockers.lu
  18. tamilrockers.be
  19. tamilrockers.cx
  20. tamilrockers.lv
  21. tamilrockers.tz
  22. tamilrockers.ta
  23. tamilrockers.cz
  24. tamilrockers.to
  25. tamilrockers.tel
  26. tamilrockers.la
  27. tamilrockers.ai
  28. tamilrockers.hn
  29. tamilrockers.az
  30. tamilrockers.vu
  31. tamilrockers.da
  32. tamilrockers.in
  33. tamilrockers.mx
  34. tamilrockers.mv
  35. tamilrockers.ru
  36. tamilrockers.vs
  37. tamilrockers.mz
  38. tamilrockers.by
  39. tamilrockers.ph
  40. tamilrockers.bz
  41. tamilrockers.cl
TamilRockers is a homegrown version of the internationally notorious Pirate Bay, from which all the latest Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Hindi and English films can be released for free through their torrent clients (eg µTorrent).

  Although TamilRockers have been blocked by the government, the TamilRockers new website can be easily accessed by a proxy server or TamilRockers new domain.
The Tamilrockers domain name is changed regularly to avoid being caught.

  Let’s find the TamilRockers new link to download your favorite movies.

How to Access Tamilrockers New Link?

The TamilRockers website can be accessed using the Tamilrockers New Link, Tamilrockers Proxy, and VPN (Ivacy VPN is recommended).  Proxies are those that limit the system allowing access to assigned content without limitations.

  Here we are covering all three important ways that Tamilrockers can access the website.  If none of them are working then you can easily shift to another method.

1. Tamilrockers New Link

Tamilrockers links are changed once or twice a month.  If you are not tracking them, it is difficult to locate TamilRockers new domains.  Below we have provided a new link to 100% working Tamiltracers.

  TamilRockers new link is updated regularly.  So bookmark this page so that it can know the latest TamilRockers link.

2. Access Tamilrockers Website Through VPN

The TamilRockers website is regularly blocked by ISP providers.  Many of our readers are still facing issues to access the TamilRockers website through the TamilRockers link given above.

  However, you can still try to access the latest TAMILROCKERS URL mentioned above via mobile phone.  Tamilrockers are still accessible via mobile.
At the request of our readers, we are providing a complete tutorial to access and download the Tamilrobs website through a VPN.
  To protect your privacy it is always recommended to use a VPN while using the Internet.  Many free VPN services are offered on the Internet.  But you should stay away from them and get paid VPN service for your PC.

3. Access Through Tamilrockers Proxy Sites

Well, there is no chance that none of the above methods will work.  But if you are still not able to access the TamilRokers website trough TamilRokers New Link to download your favorite movies then you can easily change this method.

  So proxy sites are basically versions of the main site.  In simple words, it is a duplicate of the main website that works under different domains.
Here we are providing the list TamilRockers proxy sites to give access to TamilRokers website.  All these Tamilrockers proxies are regularly checked and updated on our website.
  If you find that any TamilRockers proxy website is not working then leave us a comment at the end of this article and we will update the latest Tamilrockers proxy sites.
  Some of the TamilRockers proxy sites are blocked by Isp providers whenever they come to Limelight.  So another way is to access these proxy sites with the help of Ivory VPN.

Top 15 Tamilrockers Proxy and Mirror Sites (All Working)

  1. https://tamilrockers.mrunlock.space/
  2. https://tamilrockers.nocensor.casa/
  3. https://tamilrockers.prox4you.pro/
  4. https://tamilrockers.unblockproject.icu/
  5. https://tamilrockers.123unblock.fun/
  6. https://tamilrockers.proxybit.pro/
  7. https://tamilrockers.unblockninja.info/
  8. https://tamilrockers.unblockproject.red/
  9. https://tamilrockers.proxybit.surf/
  10. https://tamilrockers.mrunlock.kim/
  11. https://tamilrockers.prox4you.fun/
  12. https://tamilrockers.nocensor.best/
  13. https://tamilrockers.123unblock.club/
  14. https://tamilrockers.unblockninja.icu/
  15. https://tamilrockers.unbl0ck.kim/

About Tamilrockers Website

The films are also available on their website on the day of release.  If you find the film to be released on the online streaming website, then there is no doubt that the film will be available on TamilRockers in a few hours.

What is Tamilrockers Website?

TamilRokers New Website is a free and illegal movie downloading website.  The website offers pirated movies on the day of its release.  They give films in many languages.

  They have recently started uploading various original series of Netflix, Amazon Prime, ZEE5 and Hotstart.  You can find all the popular web series from various providers on your website.
TamilRockers have made people dependent and other service providers have to pay for it.  He has gained immense popularity with the release of all the big budget films on release day.
  Another reason for his popularity is social media and online print media.  The day the film leaked on the TamilRockers website, the news would definitely come out on the Internet and also on popular newspapers.
  With this, people get more updated knowledge of the films being released on TamilRockers.  Online media has given a platform for movie piracy websites to become popular and more and more people are aware of them.

How Tamilrockers Website Started?

TamilRockers admin named Bhaskar Kumar alleged that the site was created in 2007 because of superstar Rajinikanth’s blockbuster film “Shivaji”.
  Shivaji was a huge budget film and the filmmakers personally approached the anti-piracy cell and lodged an FIR against the theft.
  In order to avoid piracy, people who run piracy of films CDs and DVDs were raided by the Tamil Nadu Police.  More than 400 shops running piracy were caught and put behind bars.
  Bhaskar Kumar and Daniel Raju (the mastermind behind the TamilRockers) received prior information from sources and managed to escape.  They wanted to create a fail-proof way of pirating films.
  The best way is to offer pirated movies via the Internet on their websites.  The safest way to do this was to use Dhar (peer-to-peer network).
  They use multiple sources to record entire films from small theaters recording films over a short period of time and finally combining all film recordings.
  The caught admin has provided a lot of insight into the billion-dollar trade and has also provided shocking information to some producers who support TamilRockers with their sources.

How Tamilrockers New Link Operates?

TamilRockers new website has a full network of people who are assigned to work accordingly.  They work in all parts of the country and mainly in small towns.

  TamilRockers’ new website server is located in the US and the entire piracy network operates from India.  Initially when the film is released to people from the TamilRockers website, they record films in parts from small theaters.
  They do not record the entire movie from a theater.  They record films in parts of many theaters and then join films with the help of video editing tools.
  Once the film is edited, TamilRockers is uploaded to a new link from a proxy server or VPN server to hide its identity and IP address.
  Similarly more sophisticated prints of moves are recorded and uploaded to the website.  When HD is printed out in the market, they gain access to it and upload it on their website.

How to Download Movies From Tamilrockers New Link?

TamilRockers offers to download movies in various ways.  Users can download the movies directly from the link or they can choose to download it via torrent.

  The most important thing is that one should know the latest Tamilrockers website URL to download movies.
  In this article, we regularly update the latest TamilTrackers URLs, but if your ISP provider still blocked the latest Tamil Nadu URLs, then you just follow the simple procedure given below to unblock it  Can.
  My favorite medium to download movies from TamilRockers is Dhar.  All you have to do is download the torrent file and open it in any torrent client like utorrent.
  Your film will be downloaded based on your internet speed.

Access Tamilrockers New Link

We see that the government regularly blocks the latest TamilRockers URL whenever it is popular.  To overcome the ban, the TamilRockers Group is trying hard to update and host the website on alternate links.

  But the cache is that you can still access the previous Tamilrockers URL, even if it is blocked.  Yes, you can do that with the help of cheap VPN services.
  I personally use Ivacy VPN to access and download torrent websites.  Ivacy VPN is cheap, safe and secure.
  So unblock TamilTrackers with IVCP VPN and secure your privacy online.

Why Downloading Movies From Tamilrockers Website is Illegal?

TamilRockers  filmmakers deliver pirated films on release day without the consent of the producer or producer.

  The film releases on theaters and websites, such as TamilRockers illegally recording films from these theaters and uploading them to their website for download.
  This causes a lot of damage to the filmmakers and most people go to download movies from TamilRock and watch them at their home.
  Apart from pirated prints, the website uploads original prints whenever available.  Due to this, viewers do not buy the CD / DVD of the film from the shops.
  Piracy will continue to grow with the increase in digitization and websites like TamilRockers will continue to find new ways to pirate movies through their mediums.
  We are always against piracy and do not promote it in any way.
  If you want to watch movies and series legally then you should watch movies in theaters or on legal online streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, ZEE5, YouTube, Voot, VU, Sony Liv.

Tamilrockers Website Request Section

There is a request section where people can access after creating an account.  If you need something like a new movie link, software, or any login access, you can post your request under this section.

  Admins or members will respond to your request immediately and new links will be added.  You can request free download of Tamil new movies in this section.
  Tamil HD movie download request is very popular in this section.
  Currently, the Tamilrockers’ administration has blocked registrations.  So people who do not have an account cannot use this service.  Perhaps in the future, they may open registration to the public.

Tamilrockers Website Drawbacks

This website has unwanted popups and advertisements.  When someone clicks anywhere on the website an unwanted popup or some annoying advertisement appears.

  This problem can be solved by using an adblocker.  Another way to prevent unwanted advertisements is by using free proxy servers to access TamilRockers website.
  The proxy server will automatically block popup ads.  However, advertising is the only way to maintain and continue their services.

Best Legal Alternatives for Tamilrockers Website

The following TamilRockers option has a lot of content including movies, TV shows, TV series, web series, desi dramas or documentaries, which can be downloaded and streamed online for free.  The website we mentioned below will not bother you with their pop up ads.

Nowadays, people are accustomed to watching and downloading movies online and they cannot wait for so many days for movies to come on TV or legal platforms.

  Some are legal websites or OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, MX Players and others offering all new movies and TV series during their official release days.
  Take a look at the list of legal TamilRockers option:
  • PopCornFlix
  • Movierulz
  • Sony Crunch
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hotstar
  • Mx Player
  • Sony Liv
  • Ice movie
  • Yesmovies
  • GoMovies
  • Nitro
  • HDO
  • MovieNinja
  • Moviezwap
  • Movies4U
  • LookMovie
  • Zmovies
Apart from TamilRockers, you may have used other torrent websites like Playtamil, Tamilrockers, skymovies.in, Filmywap, Tamilrasigan, Masswap World4ufree, Hindilinks4u, Ipagal, Jalshamoviez and Tamilyogi websites.  But after looking at all these sites, we found TamilRockers to be the best.

Important Facts About Tamilrockers Website

  • India comes 4th in accessing the piracy websites.
  • 5 people relate to Tamilrockers were caught on 15 March 2018. Out of which one claims to be the administrator and 4 others are the partners.
  • All the people caught were well educated and holding engineering degrees.
  • The per-day income of Tamilrockers is $1000 – $3000.
  • All the income they get is through the advertisements they show on their website.
  • Tamilrockers are operated globally having multiple people working for them to record and upload the movies.
  • Tamilrockers New link is updated regularly.


We don’t support piracy. This content is about torrenting safety. Though people use pirated content knowing it’s illegal but the users should be alerted. If you like the article please share it in your social media accounts. Also, What do you think about Yomovies? Give us your opinion about Yomovies in the comment section, Thank You.

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