TaffyTales is a fun narrative game that perfectly combines the gameplay of classic interactive fiction games, graphic adventures and dating simulators, creating a game experience reminiscent of titles such as ‘Easy Suit Larry’ or ‘Dokie Cokey Literature Club’.

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In TaffyTales you will control as a boy with multiple personality disorders, which gradually exposes the dark side of the citizens in his small town.  The narrative in Tafytales is based on complex relationships between characters, which evolve on an entertaining plot that manages to stay clean despite strongly erotic themes.
You’ll have complete freedom to discover all the mysteries in Taffellates, and can move through the story to solve puzzles and make missions more demanding than the more difficult and final ones – which unlock new characters and scenes  Huh.
  TaffyTales is a game for adults who will love both the genre and the newcomer.
  Advanced English is required to enjoy the game.
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