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Summertime Saga 0.20 APK is a very interesting visual novel game by Kompas publishers. This game functions as a simulation game, where you can explore the life of a teenager who is studying in middle school. that many interesting activities and events will occur during this turbulent summer. Like Fap CEO, this game has several NSFW scenes, which require you to be at least 18 years old.
Become a student of the spicy “picture novel” Summertime Saga! The story begins when the main character’s father dies, which means you and your family are responsible for the mafia.
There is no solid linear development in the Summertime Saga. You can go to any part of the city at any time and interact with any characters you find along the way. However, only three programs can be completed per day, after which you will have to start a new day.

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Download Summertime Saga Mod APK for Android!Summertime Saga is visual novel where you play a student who has to take care of himself and his family.

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Summertime Saga 0.20 APK for Android Free Download

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You will interact with many characters on every place you go. First of all you’ve to go to school and teach your lessons there, after which comes the funny part. There you can practice in the gym of swim in the pool with beautiful ladies. There are many choices you can make to progress in game and find new friends and soulmates.
The latest version 0.20 of Summertime Saga is released now. You can download APK from its official site or from Android Freeware’s mirror. You’ve to do it and update it manually since the game don’t support automatic updates. Below are the new content and changes in Summertime Sage 0.20 APK.

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New Content:
Five additional cookie jar scenes.

A new quest featuring Consuela and the Rumps is now available.
Conseula can now be impregnated.
It’s now possible to access Rump Manor and it’s inhabitants.
The beach house has been extended with a kitchen.
A new recovery ward has been added to the hospital for women that have just given birth.
New minor characters: Chef Gamsay, Father Keeves, Melonia, Ricky and Thotbot.
Gameplay Touch-ups:
Improved pregnant bathroom visitation for Eve, Grace and Odette.
Tony’s pizzeria is now open in the evening, complete with new art.
Some old character buttons have been updated with the reworked visuals.
New Features:
Periodic auto saving has been replaced with a more checkpoint-like system.
The goal here is to provide more reliable and comprehensible backup saves.
The Debug Menu is now available to all users after acknowledging a disclaimer.
The loading screen now displays from which version a save originates.
Visual hints: Sepia for old but upgradable, and greyscale for unusable.
A warning is now displayed on loading a “recovered” save to expect odd behavior.
A best-effort attempt will be made to update older compatible saves on load so as to experience minimal disruption.

New method to display native language dialogue with subtitles when a character is speaking an unfamiliar language.
An experimental new system for generating background close-ups for dialogue.
Move character rename pop-up onto the new pop-up infrastructure.
Continue process of updating cutscene transitions.
Rework of season detection and related debug controls.
Experimental sex options screen with forward looking translatable interface is being trialled.
Bug Fixes:
The loading of old save files is now prevented rather than being allowed to crash.
Fixed the debug log sometimes saving to read-only parts of the disk.
Fixed issue where eGay window would need to be dragged in order to purchase the Orcette.
Fixed oversight where Anna wouldn’t be available for yoga until introduced by Tammy at the gym in the afternoon.
Fixed bug where pre-buying the Orcette Cosplay would lock the player out of sex with June.
Fixed a crash occurring when attempting to play the poker mini-game.
Fixed a bug causing the self-voicing key “v” to become disabled.
Fixed incorrect backgrounds being shown when Anon or Erik lost at poker.
Fixed the radio at the pier playing much too loudly.
Fixed a bug when forcing the location of a state machine with no state.
Fixed the player finding themselves in the mall at night after identifying Jenny’s stalker.
Fixed Mia’s intro triggering when clicking the school doors instead of when arriving outside.
Fixed a quest conflict between the talent show and Eve’s Miss Ross encounter.
Fixed some dialogue oopsies around baby genders.
Fixed issue where the Pink Cyclone mall quest wasn’t completable in the evening.
Fixed incomplete Eve art pad sister sketch cutscene in the park.
Fixed missing background in bathroom when talking to Jenny.
Fixed missing payout after first blow job camshow.
Fixed bug with the doghouse button in the trailer park.
Player is now charged when opting to pay the dealership fee in Debbie’s quest.
Removed legacy Cumdoom sprite to avoid confusion.
Prevented conflict between Roxxy and Eve’s quest lines in the park in the evening.
Fixed bug that would trap player in school when attempting the stealth mission at night.
Fixed 100s of minor spelling and grammar issues.
Removed visual artifact that made Tuuku appear to have a tumour.
Restored Eve’s missing arm during rooftop tent foreplay.
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