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Hitman GO by  SQUARE ENIX INC is an elegant strategy board game that is based off the stealth video game series, Hitman. Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, Hitman GO is a breath of fresh air on iOS. It’s basically like a game of chess, except you are picking off your foes one-by-one as the sly Agent 47.
In this game you are going to play as a Hitman. In this game you will be given different missions and you need to complete them by hook or by crook. It is a real test of your assassination skills now its up to you that how you complete your mission. You can either go straight to your enemies for finishing them or you can fox them by advancing silently. You are going to face a variety of enemies and every one of them has different approach to different situations. There are useful tools which help a lot in completing missions such as hiding spot, sniper rifles, iconic Silverballers, distraction and much more. You will experience beautiful scale model-style visuals.
????Features of HITMAN GO :-
 ✔Awesome puzzle game.
✔Play as agent 47 Hitman.
✔Got various missions to complete.
✔Real test of your assassination skills.
✔Depends on you how you complete the mission
✔Useful tools such as hiding spot, sniper rifles and much more
✔Experience beautiful scale model style visuals.

The graphics in Hitman GO are stunning. There are several different environments that are available (only the first is available at first), and each level is basically like a beautifully rendered and scaled diorama. I’m serious — these stages are quite a sight to behold. Everything looks gorgeous, from the various board boxes you can choose from, to the setting’s level selection map, to the boards themselves. The game is full of rich and lush details in each stage, and the animations are very smooth and fluid, even though you can only move one space at a time. The game’s music is quite ambient and soothing, despite the premise of you being a skilled assassin. The sound effects are quite realistic as well, reminiscent of an actual chess board with the game pieces, and the dramatic sounds of killing your target is quite awesome to hear.

There are five different boards that you can choose from, though you’ll only have access to the first section at first. The rest will be unlocked as you complete a certain number of objectives from previous levels, or you can get them right away through in-app purchases. Each stage will feature Agent 47 on a board with a fixed route that he can move along, one space at a time per turn. Your goal will be to either make it to the endpoint of the level (clearly indicated) or kill your target, which will be spotlighted before the level starts. Along the way, you will have various enemies who will kill you on-sight, so you need to be sneaky as you make your way around the path.

The controls in the game are really simple, as you just need to swipe in the direction you want to move on the path. Some spaces are marked and can provide you with distractions, such as throwing rocks or disguises, or you can even get a new hiding spot, or get access to weapons like sniper rifles, and even the iconic Silverballers. Moving on top of these spaces will automatically activate the bonus, and you can select where to target the distraction to. Things like rocks will alert nearby enemies, who will then move towards that space, though they move one space at a time after you — this gives you time to plan everything else out, such as taking out several enemies at once.
Screenshot of HITMAN GO

Instructions To Install

  1. Before Installing Game, Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data. You can enable them later after game has started working fine.
  2. Extract the obb zip file directly to location sdcard/Android/obb/ or Copy Extracted folder com.squareenixmontreal.hitmangoto sdcard/Android/obb/
  3. [NOTE] If the obb folder doesn’t exist, simply create a new folder named obb insidesdcard/Android/
  4. Launch the game.
  5. Open the app, and run the game. It should no longer say “data files needed to download

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