Top 10 Gta 5 Mods


The Best Gta 5 Mod. 

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1 The Best Gta 5 Mod.
There are some awesome mod of Gta 5 available including Iron man, Hulk, Sperman, Jetpack and many more.

1- Jetpack
Jetpack falls sqarely into the latter camp by replicating the unorthodox skybound mode of transport that first featured in Gta-5 2004 forerunner San Andreas taking to the skill never fails to amuse.

2-Iron man script mod
Veteran superhero modder JulioNib has iterated and reiterated on their Las Santos-flavoured Iron man since GTA-5 first launched on Pc over two years ago. We have the Iron Man script mod 2.0. Easily the most accomplished, impressed and comes packing new animation with new effects, new sound effects and new ways to tear up the game’s foux Los Angeles  street.

3- Superman, the flash and the Green goblin 

Another triple spark of super-powered character here by way of  Superman ,the Flash and the Green goblin. Everything from laser-firing eyes super-human strength. 

4-Dragon V
All the standard mythical winged beast credential are delivered with oplomb :breathing fire, flying ,snatching pedatrions and hurtling them into the air. 
You have to need Dragon model created by Quechus13, Which you can find that here
Download script ????

5-Superhot mod
 Superhot is SUPERHOT Team’s effortlessly stylish FPS where time only moves when you do. Superhot Mod is a modification that applies this uber-cool mechanic to GTA 5. 
6- Incredible Hulk
This mod underscores the the entertainment value in throwing caution to the wind and tearing Los Santos to shreds. Doing so as the Incredible Hulk is something you really must experience, as the joy that stems from ripping lamp posts out of the ground and playing baseball and/or golf with police cars is second to none.  

7- Gost Rider
Now, while it’s always a shame when neat mods fall by the wayside, the process makes room for arguably even cooler ones. JulioNIB’s Ghost Rider mod fits this purview nicely, allowing players to fill the flame-fired boots of the Marvel superhero (or Nicholas Cage movie protagonist, if you prefer). Drive a flame trailing motorbike, fire flame-infused bullets from your gun, and set about ban and/or good guys with a flaming chain smoking.

8-Dragon ball script
From prolific Grand Theft Auto 5 superhero modder JulioNIB, the Dragon Ball script mod lets players to tear up the faux LA cityscape from land or sky, utlising a host of DB-authentic powers and moves as they go.

9-Kinght Rider

Fans of the show Knight Rider will fondly remember the talking, self-driving, indestructible Pontiac Firebird. The Knight Rider mod brings KITT to life in Los Santos. Summon KITT, perform turbo boosts, drive on two wheels, and listen to him talk.

10- Statues
Spice up Los Santos by adding some sweet pop-culture eye-candy. The Statues mod adds looming sculptures to the city, including Optimus Prime, Superman, Captain America, a T-Rex, and an enormous Terminator.


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