Hero of sparta Apk+Data for Android

Hero Of Sparta Apk+Data
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Download Hero of sparta Apk+ data

Hero of sparta is an action game which is developed by gameloft for Android, iOs, Nintendo and PlayStation platform.A full hd game is also available for symbian devices. Game consists of 8 levels 

in which the player controls a Spartan king wielding a sword and fighting various mythical beasts. The player can collect different-colored orbs by defeating enemies, with each color corresponding to a different effect. Green orbs restore health, blue restore magical energy and red orbs grant experience points that can be used to upgrade the damage and special powers of weapons found throughout the course of the game. In some versions of the game, upgrading weapons to their maximum capacities will cause them to take on an “ultimate” form.

        Screenshot of Hero of sparta 

How to download and install.


Download Ppsspp Apk


Download Rar file of Hero of sparta


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